DJ Rony Ronald



Since 2009 Rony’s career has grown seeing him hold major residencies throughout Perth at iconic venues such as Llama Bar, Euro Bar, Geisha and Beat Nightclub for events such as Rosay and Honey. A well respected Dj it’s no surprise he has played all over Perth at most major venues such as Metro City, Metropolis Fremantle, Eve Nightclub among many others. Rony has also had the pleasure of supporting many major hip-hop acts such as Naughty By Nature and Mya.

Over the years Rony has adapted to the evolving Perth scene and has become versatile playing various other genres including Top 40, Funk, Soul, and House among others. DJ Rony Ronald has also with the knowledge of music began broadcasting from 2014 and has since then broadcasted shows on radio stations including Radio Fremantle 107.9FM, Twin Cities Joondalup 89.7FM and RTRFM. Currently on top of his hectic schedule he has began moving towards production of music as well as sound production for a TV shows on WTV. An exciting future awaits for the man known as DJ Rony Ronald!

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