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“One of the most groundbreaking groups in Blues/Rock“ (Classic Rock Magazine)

Michael Vdelli is the frontman and namesake of the band VDELLI. Having spent more than 35 years mastering his craft, Michael has become one of the leading exponents of his art in the world.

Combine this with his raw and captivating vocals, Michael’s stage presence and energy continues to mesmerise audiences around the globe.

Joining Michael on stage, are internationally renowned musicians, Ric Whittle on drums and Leigh Miller on bass who both have a string of accolades to their names. Together, this dynamic trio is a musical tour de force!

VDELLI‘s two epic performances at Sweden Rock proved their ability to cut it on the big stage adding to their achievements in working with some of the greats in the industry, including the likes of BB King, Buddy Guy, ZZ Top and most recently George Thorogood.

In 2014, the band moved to Hamburg, Germany, to keep their reputation as one of the hardest working road bands in the world intact. The band remained in Europe until 2020 gaining growing audiences and glowing reviews.

Now back in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the band used the time to get creative and produce what clearly is their most impressively diverse studio album to date. The release of the album “NOW” is the culmination of years on the stage, in the studio and on the road – and it shows.

Finally able to tour with the album, VDELLI have recently returned from Europe after a heavy duty 5 week tour across five countries to perform 32 shows in 35 days. The live reviews were fantastic!

Please click the links below to sample audio and video so you can experience VDELLI, both electrified and acoustic.

Check out the links and a sample of reviews below to get an idea of the quantity and quality of output this band has, and continues to produce.


“The Australian blues guitar master Michael Vdelli released his seventh album with “Now”. Overall, the focus of the Vdelli blues – whether rocking or ballad-like – is the intensity. Vdelli has the blues and delights the listener. Vdelli again convinces with “Now”. “Now” is impressive. “Now” is a highlight!”
– Joachim “Joe’ Brookes – ROCKTIMES.

“The Australian Michael Vdelli, who is hip in Europe, returns after five years with NOW and combines earthy hard rock, boogie and blues into a tasty and rousing brew. A multifaceted cocktail full of surprises.”

“The new album is a variegated collection of songs that utilise the blues genre’s entire expanse of possibilities. …Vdelli can efficiently and persuasively talk the talk… an inarguable display of musicianship and artistic focus, one that such a musical classification requires. …culturally and historically significant…”

“Sometimes hard, funky and grooving and at other times sultry and pumping. Michael Vdelli lets his guitar blaze hard with a scorching sound and his vocals reminded me in some songs of the bluesy voice of David Coverdale. Lovers of heavy blues rock work can note a new “must buy” with this new Vdelli album.” – PETER MARINUS – BLUESTOWN MUSIC

“I was hit in the solar plexus by Vdelli’s track ‘Catatonic’, featuring some heavy-as-dinosaur-bones grooves, and a blues-rocking rumble that just about rolled me over.” “The guitar work is inventive and outstanding throughout, and Michael Vdelli’s voice has just the right amount of gravel and grit to get beneath your skin and stay there. Add some beautifully hefty bass and drums and you’ve got a winning recipe. ‘Higher’ is a top notch release from an original and skilled band: if you like your rock and roll heavy and gritty and bluesy, it will be right up your alley.”

“Michael with his cheeky banter, engages the crowd with his ability to sing, play those strings and play the crowd. So humble in his approach he treated every single person in Lyrics like they were his personally invited guest. I would have to say that he would have to be up there with one of the best guitarist I have every seen live in my life – I know it is a big call but you need to see them, then you will understand.” “Michael with his cheeky banter, engages the crowd with his ability to sing, play those strings and play the crowd. So humble in his approach he treated every single person in Lyrics like they were his personally invited guest. I would have to say that he would have to be up there with one of the best guitarist I have every seen live in my life – I know it is a big call but you need to see them, then you will understand.”

VDELLI – ★★★★★★★★★☆

Basic evaluation of the work: simply brilliant!! Purchase value for you: A purchase must :)!!

“Further development is audible and noticeable as one after another of the dark, grooving rockers hit you right into the guts. Aside from that, Vdelli’s raw vocals are still a real spectacle.”

“An album that could give the band the attention they deserve. Varied and damn good sounding. For me already a contender for my record of the year. That should be hard to beat. Vdelli and the caveman did a great job!”

“Powerful blues rock with a singer who ranks vocally between Tom Jones and Lemmy”.

“For all those who like pure rock a real must. Australia has even more to offer than ACDC and Airbourne, as Vdelli proves. The live album really gets down to business here! .. Absolute buy recommendation 5/5!! “The highly touted insider Vdelli, “who has at least as much steam and Energy as AC/DC, but is even more multi- layered than their compatriots” will convince his audience, as already with the predecessor “Ain`t Bringing Me Down”

“An excellent rock album, varied, entertaining and lively, great sound… Slowly the gentlemen of VDELLI should get used to the idea that their insider status can’t be held any longer…”

“This trio from Australia truly has fire and breathes new life into the term retro-rock new life: Bridging the gap between crunchy, riff-laden energy boosts and blues-rock roots, Vdelli sound both familiar and immensely fresh and earthy…”

“The sound is, how could it be otherwise, excellent again, for which Achim Lindermeir was responsible. Conclusion: An absolutely entertaining album that should always put you in a good mood”.

“Anyone who likes powerful, driving, riff-emphasised grooves will definitely not be served badly here.”

“All 12 tracks, much like the convincing opener “Change the View”, “Never Going Back”, “On The Mines, On The Pipe” or “Friction Addiction” go directly to the jugular leaving a long lasting effect in their wake. A superb album of timeless quality”.

“As the first part of the album title says: We experience Vdelli live. As the second part already puts it: We experience Vdelli »on fire«. How could it be otherwise. Anyone who likes rock with a strong blues foundation will be served splendidly with Vdelli and “Live & On Fire”. The content is rough, with distinctive grains in the music and an authenticity that literally jumps into your face. Solid recommendation.”

“The list of great Australian rock bands is long and goes from A, as in AC/DC, through C, as in Cold Chisel, and R, as in Rose Tattoo, to V as in Vdelli. And Vdelli have now proven themselves with their new album “Never Going Back”. The power trio plough hard but heartily through a mixture of dark blues, post-grunge and rock sometimes sounding like a pissed off version of ZZ Top. Never before have we experienced such a dirty, heavy and bitter Vdelli, but this increased aggressiveness thing suits the Aussie trio really well”.

“The Australians were never ones to tread lightly, but they’ve never delivered such venomous and riveting blues rock through the entire length of an album as they have here”.

‘Never Going Back’ is a wicked…no a super wicked album and I can no longer remain objective. Listening to this music is awesome!!” (JH)

“The tonal result is simply outstanding. The recordings sound very homogeneous and vibrant. Fat guitar sound and pressuring thunderous bass. Clear and well-defined drums, cleanly staged. Michael’s singing is shown to it’s best advantage, but doesn’t dominate the overall impression. This band unifies three huge talents and becomes a pressure cooker. A killer album ! Ain’t Bringing Me Down is Vdelli’s best studio production.” DIE ROCKPAGE

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