Hope River Road

Hope River Road

Created by Perth’s music scene stalwarts, Hope River Road is a celebration of good vibes.

“Its all about the audience” says Craig Pinkney, lead vocalist. “Times are a little tough, and we just wanted to create a live music experience packed with positivity and good energy.”

We’ve crafted two great sets of original compositions along with interpretations of some tasty covers to keep the dancefloor heaving all night.

The band take its name from a tributary of the Murchison, but Hope Road River Road is also a state of mind, a fictional place where cares are left well behind.

Our debut single “Journey of Your Life” was recorded at Kingdom Studio Perth and was produced by the legendary Lez Karski (Midnight Oil, Spy Vs Spy, Angus Young, Yothu Yindi and many others).

“Journey of Your Life” will be released in September 2022 and will be followed up with two more singles to be released later in the year.

The band draws its musical influences from the Country-Blues tradition, with a rockin’ beat and sublime vocal harmonies courtesy of three of the most talented and experienced voices in the state.

Band Members:
Craig Pinkney – Pink & White Bridge
Paul White – Pink & White Bridge
Sue Bluck – Three Kings Review / Birdland
Mick Burn – The Jets, Matt Taylor
Bert Giancristofaro – Matt Taylor, Lez Karski, New Egyptian Kings

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